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{  about the book tour.
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Book Launch Tour for
A new book by Sheila Heti and Misha Glouberman

Thurs Jul 14 Brooklyn // Mon Jul 18 Seattle //
Tues Jul 19 San Francisco // Wed Jul 20, Los Angeles //
Wed July 27 Toronto (Launch Party) // Tues Aug 2 Montreal

book by the author Sheila Heti and her friend Misha
Glouberman. Sheila had the idea to write a book of everything
Misha knows. As Misha talked, Sheila typed. This is that book.

TRAMPOLINE HALL is a lecture series where people lecture
on subjects of their own choosing, but outside their area of
expertise, followed by questions from the audience. It has
played to consistently sold-out houses in its home town of
Toronto, and has delighted audiences across North America.
It was created by the author Sheila Heti, and is hosted
by Misha Glouberman.

In July and August, Sheila and Misha will go on tour to present
a series of events that are part Trampoline Hall, part book launch
for their new book.

We hope to see you there!!!


** About Trampoline Hall

"Unruly and caustically funny"
    - Durham Independent

"They've been doing this for several years up in Toronto... now New
Yorkers are in its thrall. Clearly, we love it."
    - The Village Voice

"Eccentricity and do-it-yourself inventiveness"
    - The New Yorker


** Advance Praise for The Chairs Are Where The People Go

“Intelligent, quirky, charming, hard to classify... A sign of health in
the publishing industry.”
    - LA Times

“An odd and satisfying blend of philosophy, self-help and,
improbably, charade game theory. Sometimes, in the space of just
a few sentences, Misha will change the way I think I thought
about subjects as diverse as going to the gym, leadership, and
getting drunk… Leaves you feeling uplifted by the power a voice
of common sense can still have in the world. The Chairs reads
like the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin as told to David Byrne.”
    - JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN, contributing editor to
      This American Life, host of Wiretap, and author of
      "Lenny Bruce Is Dead".


NYC: July 14 Tickets: Facebook:
Seattle: July 18 Tickets: Facebook:
San Francisco: July 19 Tickets: Facebook:
Los Angeles: July 20: Tickets: Facebook
Montreal: August 2 Venue: Facebook :

Toronto Launch Party: July 27 FREE Facebook:


The book is published by Faber and Faber, July 2011

For more information about the tour: